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Meet our clients' goals with the least amount of risk necessary.
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Identify desired outcomes: retirement income, healthcare & legacy.

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Manage Risk

It’s not what you make but what you don’t lose that matters.

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An Independent Fiduciary

Practicing liability driven investment management.
Our Process

First, we create a net worth statement to quantify current assets. Then we have our clients articulate their goals such as education funding, retirement lifestyle and a legacy plan. It is then possible to determine the dollar duration and present discounted value of these goals and compare that to the value of current assets. A customized portfolio is then crafted to set each client on a steady course to attaining their goals while taking the least amount of risk necessary. We do not use bundled or proprietary products such as open end mutual funds or structured notes, but instead "bake from scratch" using single issue stocks and bonds along with an option overlay strategy to further increase income and reduce risk. A typical client portfolio may contain an asset mix as shown, but only as a result of what needs to be achieved not as an ex ante asset allocation established by an unknown investment committee.

  • Blue-chip dividend payers

  • Single issues of investment grade credit quality

  • Ample liquidity dampens volatility

  • Listed Calls and Puts (covered only)

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